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Best Places to See in Mazatlan Mexico

Our Favorite Places to Visit in Mazatlan

Mazatl├ín is a vibrant ocean side city with a thriving culture and economic structure. There are approximately 12 miles of oceanside Boulevard extending along it's beautiful beaches.  12 miles. 12 miles, people. That is a long distance.  Do you know what that means?

A heck of a lot of taco stands, teeshirt shops and people trying to sell you time shares.

We, here at the Mariana are making it a mission to find and bring to you all the places you would want to go to if you were more then just a tourist. Here at the Mariana, we take our hosting duties seriously,and are willing to sacrifice ourselves and eat tacos and drink beer and margarettas all over town to find you, our new clientle, the best.

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MAZATLAN DINING : One of the best things about Mexico is the food. Seriously, everything is so fresh and ripe here. Try out some of our favorite eateries.
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spices and pepper of mexicoauthentic Mexican cuisinetacos dorados with salsa

MAZATLAN ATTRACTIONS :Looking for something interesting and fun to do. check out our favorite attractions
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Fun at the aquariumThe "spectacular" in the town of QueliteGinger's bi-lingual horses


Places to Visit:  Here are some of the places in and near Mazatlan that we enjoy going to.  Click here for our favorite spots.

Mariana beach in Mazatlan, Mexico


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