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Great Places to Get to Know on your Vacation

MAZATLAN BEACHES : Mazatlan is famous world over for it's beaches. Miles upon miles upon miles of beautiful, sandy beaches.  And as you know, different beaches are better for different things.  Some are better for snorkeling like of Deer Island (right across from the Mariana) or Stone Island.  Others like Playa Bruja are better for surfing and others are just perfect for sandcastles. Mazatlan has some great beaches full of fun things to do. Swim, surf, fish or snorkel. It is all up to you.

PLAYA BRUJA : Playa Bruja is wave central, whether it is surfing or boogie boarding. The waves are high, the water warm and the Bruja restaurant is close by with bathroom amenities and a lunch and dinner menu complete with cold beer.

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MARIANA BEACH : Not it's real name (actually Playa Camaron-Playa Gaviotas) but we have to include the beach out in front of our own hotel.  It is such a beautiful stretch of beach complete with boogie boarding, fishing, banana boat rides, jet ski rentals, snorkeling and parasailing. Steps from your room!  We also have umbrellas and coolers to lend out to guests if you are looking to picnic. Plus the usual assortment of volleyballs and games.  Come on down and see us!

COPALA :  A magical, little mining town about 60 minutes out of Mazatlan. Click here for more info.

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