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Best Places to See in Mazatlan Mexico

Our Favorite Attractions in Mazatlan

Mazatlan has so much to see and do. Want to get off the beaten tourist track and see some of the real Mazatlan? Check out these places.

GRAFFITI ART : The streets of Mazatlan are full of amazing Urban art.  This is a growing part of the underground culture and one of my favorite experiences here in Mazatlan is to find a new piece of art in a hidden back street.

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AQUARIUM: The Mazatlan aquarium is a great place to spend an afternoon.  The cost is 75 pesos (about $6.50) for adults, 50 pesos ($4) for kids under 12 and under 3 are free.

Besides all the different aquariums filled with odd and interesting fish (labeled in both English and Spanish), there is also a marine life museum with a tide pool learning tank, a small zoo that holds different groups of exotic animals such as alligators, frogs, and various other reptiles and birds, a botanical garden and three different feature shows that repeat and run basically every half hour starting at about 11am and ending about 5:30.

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Friday Night Art Walk: An interesting event held here in Mazatlan is the Friday Night Art Walks.  There are 27 different artists whom open up their homes and studios to the general public on the first  Friday of every month from November to May  Click here for more info

The Mazatlan Malacon: One of the best parts of Mazatlan (along with the beaches) is the Malecon.  The Malecon in Mazatlan is a very wide sidewalk/seawall that runs along 10 km of beachfront.  It is the width of a double lane highway…so lots of  room for all that use it.   The Malecon is probably the most enjoyed feature of Mazatlan shared by young and old alike.  By dawn’s first light, the early birds start to migrate to the the Malecon for their morning walk/run/bike/rollerblade or stroll.   And let me tell you…there is nothing like a morning walk along the ocean to start your day off right  Click here for more info 

JUAREZ MARKET: The Juarez Market is only on Sundays and runs from 6am-2pm.  You have to be ready for the insanity if you brave it (this is where all the Mexican's shop!) but man can you find some great deals! It is like a giant flea market (streets and streets of it) that sells both new and used.  The fruits and vegetables are the cheapest that you will find anywhere in the city and the variety of other stuff is astounding.  Plants, mirrors, clothes, shoes, CDs, electrical goods, toys, baby stuff, name it.  I always take the bus there and then a pulmunia (like a golf cart taxi) home because I am always loaded with stuff. 

THE LIGHTHOUSE: The Lighthouse is a great morning's hike. It is located on a hill by the docks and it is 157 meters above sea level. It is considered to be the highest lighthouse in the world. 

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SEA SHELL CITY MUSEUM: It is the most original museum in the country, where you can admire a large sea shell collection from every ocean of the world, as well as unique sea handicrafts.

ANGELA PERALTA THEATER: This is a beautiful relic located on Carnaval Street located and considered the oldest theater in this city. Formerly known as Rubio Theater, in 1936 it was named Angela Peralta honoring the famous singer, who died in Mazatlán in 1883.

CATHEDRAL: It has a Porfirian Style architecture and is considered the second oldest church of the city. Located in Downtown Mazatlan.

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