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Our Favorite Places to Eat

Mazatlan is full of wonderful restaurants and little out of the way eateries, and we are here to help you find the ones off the beaten path. Try something new and exciting.


Mary's Restaurant: Mary is a small town girl from Minnesota who has been living in Mazatlan for 15 years. She opened up her restaurant here in 2004 and it became an instant hit with locals and tourists.  Lots of outside seating and great service are part of the draw but honestly, they have something that is hard to find here in Mexico.  Great salads!  All of her menu is good but the salads are truly amazing. They had been doing so great in their location that they are about to also open a Bing's Ice Cream next door.  Mmmmm...salad then ice cream. If you have one then there is always room for the other!

Diegos : Diegos is definitely in our top 10 of places to eat in Mazatlan.  It is North of us by about 8 blocks but worth the walk.  It is a funky beach-side restaurant with wooden floors and the dance floor in the sand.  It has two small pools if you wish to lounge in fresh water as you sip your beverage of choice, (they have amazing Mojitos!)  There are hammocks nestled in amongst the tables and the walls and ceiling are stick and palapa structures.  The food is good, the drink selection is awesome and the atmosphere is first rate. 

ROOTS   Roots is a two minute walk from us and if you are a fan of cevieche.....this is the place to go.  Without a of the best in town.  Prawn or fish cevieche prepared in a selection of styles.  They also have a very eclectic selection of live music in the evenings.  Great place to spend an evening chillin' and listening to some great local talent.

Pura Vida:  Pura Vida(the pure life) was the first restaurant Alfredo ever took me to in 1999.  This may not be our favorite, favorite restaurant but it is the one of the ones that westill probably eat at the most.  It is down in the Golden Zone, across from De Gala Hotel.  Neither the service nor the atmosphere is anything special but the food is fantastic.  Pura Vida  is a health style restaurant that serves vegetarian, chicken and turkey.  Everything is fresh and hand made....their bread is to die for.   I always have the half and half.  You get to chose two items out of a list.  I get a salad and sandwich for $65 pesos (just over $5.)   So their prices are really good as well.  You get a lot of delicious, healthy food for very little money. 

La Palapa del Mar: We discovered the Palapa while walking our dog, Jake. A palapais a structure built out of palm leaves (think Giligan's Island) and this Palapa is awesome.  It is about 45 feet high at it's center and is a restaurant/sports bar.  It has a big screen TV hanging from the ceiling (as well as ceramic birds, monkeys and other assorted interesting things). Astounding service, great atmosphere and our favorite part.  A bucket of beer (6) costs $90 pesos. That is like $1.25 a beer...on ice.  What beer drinker wouldn't be in heaven at those prices!

TWISTED MAMAS : Twisted Mamas has been open in Mazatlan since 2006 and has been a welcome addition. It is a little hidden but only a five min. walk from the hotel. If you want an amazing bacon and eggs with home made breads or a raspberry marg made from real fruit. This is the place to go!

 Puerto Viejo : Puerto Viejo is a great little bar on the corner in Olas Altas with a great view of the ocean and cold beer.  It is at the farthest end of the Malacon so it is a beautiful ride along the ocean to get to it.  Great place to sit and people watch.  Always a friendly face to be found.

GUS GUS : If you like GusGus restaurant...we are the hotel for you.  Party across the road, walking distance to your room.  For those of you that don't know...Gus Gus is the total package. It is definitely where the party is at.  They have a live band that plays nightly and their dance floor is always full.  Quite often there are fire thowers and drummers during intermission.  . Half bar and half restaurant and ALL outside, it is the ideal night life location. They open in the mornings with amazing breakfasts and stay open until about 12:30. Live music daily.  GusGus Restaurant has great food and are known for their friendly staff.

 Pedro y Lolas: One of our top ten. Pedro and Lola's has three very strong points going for it.   Location, Service and music. This is the best restaurants in Plaza Machado and you haven't seen Mazatlan until you have been in Plaza Machado when it is lit up on a warm Mexican evening. The service is outstanding at Pedro and Lolas. I believe they have some of the best waiters in the city.  And the couple who play music there are the gems of the place. Lori Davidson and Ken Embrey from the Lori Davison Band are the real reasons we go to Pedro y Lola on a Saturday night. Lori's throaty sound is a great draw for people looking to spend an enchanted evening down at Plaza Machado.

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